Standard Service
Bets are exclusively received on Telegram instant messaging application.
Each day, system is ready to send opportunities from 2 hours before the first race until the last race, and this every day. It's up to you to decide your betting hours.
For the standard package, the active time (logged IN) is limited to 2 hours each day. (You can split this time in 7 periods maximum.)

Note: Bets arrived only if you are logged IN with the bot.
To be confortable and act like an investor you must reserve a minimum betting bank of 150 points to deal with loosing runs.
You can expect a profit on turnover higher than 10%.
Currently, payments are processed by Paypal only. Please contact to receive payment links.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please read the Paypal FAQ to do this action.
Note: Service will terminate at the end of the subscribed period.